What I Learned After Quitting Email For A Week

Perhaps the biggest lesson, though, came at the expense of my ego. During my week away from email, nobody seemed concerned by my absence. There were no frantic emails asking where I was or worrying that I hadn’t promptly responded to threads.

Those that really needed me got in touch some other way. As it turns out, the service that I spend so much time and effort worrying about, checking, and manicuring can and will continue to exist without me. I quit email for a week and nobody really noticed or cared except for me. If that sounds bleak, it’s because it is; email doesn’t need to change, we do.

Charlie Warzel – Buzzfeed

Was seht ihr, wenn ihr in euren E-Mail-Posteingang guckt? Alles schön geordnet und bearbeitet? Oder habt ihr auch schon öfter mal Gedanken gemacht, was überhaupt passieren würde, wenn man einfach mal für eine Zeit aus dem „Ding“ aussteigt?

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